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Canadian Owners
The following list contains details of currently known Lotus/Caterham 7 owners living in Canada. This list is updated as and when we are informed of either new or existing owners. If you are the proud owner of a Lotus/Caterham 7 and would like your vehicle featured on this site, please e-mail us stating your Name, City and Model of your vehicle and we will be pleased to include it. Please be assured that your e-mail details will not be shared without your written consent.

Should you wish to contact any of the owners listed below, please send us an email which will be forwarded to the relevant owner. For those owners who have opted to have a live link on our site, please click on the person’s name you would like to contact.

Please note that this page does not contain details of any copies, replicas or derivatives of the original Lotus/Caterham 7.

Name City Model
Brian J Red Deer Lotus 7 S4
James C Calgary Caterham Superlight R400
David M Edmonton Caterham 1.8 Supersport
Alan R Calgary Caterham 1700cc Super Sprint (Race Car)
Bruce M Calgary Caterham CSR 260 Cosworth
Ben S Lethbridge Caterham SV Roadsport
Rick F Edmonton Caterham 1.6 K Series Roadsport
Chris R Calgary Caterham 1700cc Super Sprint
Robert W Edmonton Lotus 7 S3 Twin Cam
Steve T Canmore Caterham Super Sprint
Stu G Calgary Lotus 7 S2 1600
Doug S Lac Le Biche Caterham SV 1.6 Sigma
British Columbia
Name City Model
Jon H Vancouver Caterham SV 1441 Hayabusa
William G Kelowna Lotus 7 S2 109E 997cc
Adrian P Langley Lotus 7 S2 1600 Burton Crossflow
Hugh M Vancouver Lotus 7 S3 1600
Clem J Vancouver Caterham Super 7 S3 BDR Cosworth
Ted R Nanaimo Lotus 7 S4
Mike T Victoria Caterham Super 7 SV GSX 1300-R Hayabusa
Cam T Victoria Caterham Super 7 S3 HPE Vauxhall
Colin J Kelowna Lotus 7 S2 1500cc 116E
Jolyon S Duncan Caterham Super 7 SV GSX 1300-R Hayabusa
Nick Y Sooke Caterham Super 7 SV 140bhp Roadsport
Kent P Victoria Caterham Super 7 SV GSX 1300-R Hayabusa
Curt S Vancouver Caterham Super 7 SV Hayabusa
Paul B Kelowna Lotus 7 S2 1500 Cosworth
Al R Nanaimo Caterham Super 7 SV 140bhp Roadsport
Joe C Vancouver Caterham S3, 2.0 Zetec
David E Vancouver Lotus 7 S3 1600 Crossflow
Wayne Vancouver Caterham CSR 260
Pat L Victoria Caterham S3 1700
Ben T Vancouver Caterham S3 Cosworth
Karlo F Vancouver Lotus 7 S3
Rod R Vancouver Lotus 7 S2
Bill R Vancouver Caterham 1600 Crossflow
Dave B Victoria Caterham Super 7
Ian M Vancouver Caterham S3 Cosworth
David E Sooke Caterham S3 HPC Vauxhall
Unknown Vancouver Lotus 7 S2 1340 Cosworth
Name City Model
John D Winnipeg Lotus 7 S2
Nova Scotia
Name City Model
Gerald E Fall River Lotus 7 S2
Name City Model
Simon M London Caterham Super 7 SV VVC Roadsport
Ivan S Toronto Caterham Super 7 Zetec
Doug M Caledonia Caterham 1.8 SV K Series
Andre C Mississauga Lotus 7 S4 1600cc X-Flow
Jon I Port Perry Caterham Super 7 Zetec 2.0ltr
Neil S Ottawa Caterham 1.8 SV Roadsport
Ed H Cobourg Caterham 7 1558cc  Lotus Twin Cam
Mitchell A Toronto Caterham 1558cc  Lotus Twin Cam
Ed L Thorold Caterham 1558cc  Lotus Twin Cam
Duncan M Toronto Caterham Super 7 SV 140bhp Roadsport
David Y Ottawa Caterham Classic SE
Unknown Mississauga Caterham Super Sprint - 1700
Paul H Morrisburg Caterham Zetec
Peter S Port Perry Caterham 1700cc Super Sprint
Andy B Georgetown Caterham 1700cc Lotus Twin Cam
Malik T Ottawa Lotus Super 7
Tom E Toronto Lotus 7 S3
Chris H Whitby Caterham 1700 Super Sprint
Luc B Gloucester Caterham SV 1.6 Sigma
Ted L Ottawa Caterham 1700 Super Sprint
Lino B Guelph Caterham Super 7 Twin Cam
Claude G Embrun Lotus 7 S3 1600 GT
Unknown Toronto Caterham S3 1800 Holbay
Unknown Toronto Caterham S3
Alan & Gale G. Wellandport Caterham S3 Supersport
Mike S Peterborough Caterham Super 7 SV Sigma
John H Madoc Caterham Super Sprint
Larry S Ottawa Caterham SV 1400 Hayabusa
Rupert D Toronto Caterham S3 HPC 1700 Cosworth
Name City Model
Stefan G Pincourt Caterham Super 7 SV GSX 1300-R Hayabusa    
Ronald F Quebec City Lotus 7 S2 1500 Cosworth
David P St Bruno Caterham Super 7 1600 GT
Raymond L Deschaillons sur St Laurent Lotus 7 S4 1600 GT
Michael S Ile Cadieux Caterham Super 7 HPC/Cosworth
Pierre R Pincourt Caterham Super 7 Classic X-Flow
Raymond P Quebec City Caterham R400
Jonathan H St Bernard de Lacolle Caterham S3 Cosworth BDP 260 BHP
Jean H Laurier-Station Caterham 1700 Supersprint
Name City Model
Jon H Saskatoon Caterham Super 7 2.01 Vauxhall
Neil B Kenosee Lake Caterham CSR 200 Cosworth

Currently known cars in Canada - 81

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